For donors

Thank you for your partnership in ministry. We know that each individual, church, business, and organization that gives to this ministry gives sacrificially. Together with your partnership in prayer and finances and our team we are serving to meet the needs of many orphans and children. Here are a few testimonies of how God is using this ministry to change lives.
Kolya and Luda (brother and sister) came to Camp LELA in 2015 and asked if the could stay for the entire summer. After summer, they were destined to a life on the streets without the opportunity to study or to work because they hadn't graduated from an orphanage that labeled them as special needs. With the help of Heritage Ukraine they were able to complete documents giving them the opportunity to repeat their last year of school in an orphanage in Odessa in order to receive proper documents. They were able to live in our center and were given the advantage to learn how to live on their own as they learned valuable life skills (cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, managing money, and etc.). As we shared God's love with them, they accepted Him and began to grow in their faith. After completing their school work, both were granted opportunities to study further and to get an education. Because of your partnership Kolya and Luda are on the right path for a productive life.
Andrei lived in the orphanage for many years and built relationships with our volunteers as they visited him and when he attended Camp LELA. In 2015, he returned to us asking for a place to live at our center and for help. He struggled with learning how to make good choices and he had chosen a path in life that leads to frustration and destruction. At first working with him was difficult, but we persevered as God perseveres with us. He was slow to accept this new path of life as he tried to quite bad habits and learn good life skills like how to work and how to take care of himself properly. As time went on, we saw him change little by little. He accepted Christ and started attending church regularly. In the summer of 2016, he met another volunteer at Camp LELA and they plan to marry soon. Because of your partnership with Heritage Ukraine, we were able to help this man lay a solid foundation for his life as a man that serves the Lord and will build a strong family.

From the beginning, we dreamed to have a center for children from troubled homes. Many of you prayed with us and in 2015 God blessed us with a place for this. At the time of purchase, the place was in disrepair, but many people prayed, gave, came and built, and volunteered to rebuild this property. Today this center for ministry is the home to the offices of Heritage Ukraine, JAM Day Center, Refugee Center, Orphanage Graduate Center, Camp LELA, Special Needs Ministry, and other general ministry. Because of your partnership this center has become an oasis for children and adults. A place that breathes the love of God into the lives of those that are hurting and are broken.


We are grateful to you that pray, that give, that volunteer, and that encourage is in ministry. We are honored to serve His children with your support and partnership.

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