Greetings to all of you that richly support our ministry with finances and prayers. God is amazing work through us and many are blessed.

We want to take a moment to apologize for our lack of communication through this newsletter format. We have had some transition and keeping you informed here has not been regular. Please know that we are always active (almost on a daily basis) on Facebook and Instagram. Find us at Heritage Ukraine. On those social media sites you will be updated often on the ministry we are doing in orphanages, with children at-risk, children with Autism, and with graduates of the orphanage.
A Family Preservered!
We met Tanya last fall and she was in a mess. She had 4 children with her (one already in a special needs orphanage) and she was days away from losing all the other children. Why was this happening? She was a graduate of the orphanage and just was not prepared for life and had no support system. Her husband had recently left her.

We immediately answered the call to help.
Thank you to many that helped financially as we purchased her a small home in the nearby village. She moved in at the beginning part of the year. We remodeled the kitchen and got her settled. This week indoor plumbing and a bathroom was put in.

The children are in school and preschool and she is working hard at figuring out how to manage her life. We are close by to support and encourage.

Her words "Thank you for believing in me and helping me. You have changed my life and saved my family."

All glory to God!
Orphanage Ministry
  • Winter Camp
Winter camps were held at four orphanages at the end of December and in January. Our volunteers lived in the orphanages for several days with the children celebrating the holidays with them.
Children living in the Pishana orphanage had the unique opportunity to visit Odessa for their winter camp!
  • Monthly Visits
Teams continue to visit the children on a monthly basis building relationships, teaching God's word, and mentoring children as they grow.
  • Medical Needs
Children in orphanages do not have access to dental care, eye exams, or hearing exams. We continue to do these projects every few months. Since the fall, we have done hearing exams, dental exams, and eye exams in several orphanages. Kids are seeing better with glasses, hearing better with hearing aids, and have cavities that no longer hurt!

Haircuts, too!
The Bridge
This past fall we started a new ministry, The Bridge. We are working with soon to be graduates of the orphanage now and preparing them for what is next. After graduation, we will continue to serve them.
Here is what they are learning -
How to dream and how to step towards achieving the dream, how to build a family, how to prepare documents that are needed for life, how to find a church, how to build healthy relationships, and much more.
We visit these soon to be graduates regularly in the orphanage and we also host them at Heritage Ukraine for a weekend or some real life experiences.
JOY! Center for Children with Autism
The center is bursting at the seams! We could build a new building and hire twenty more people and still not be able to meet the needs of those that are on the waiting list. Currently, we have over 35 children for individual therapy sessions and up to 50 that participate in large group sessions.
Night to Shine

For the second time, we hosted Night to Shine! So many of the honored guests are people we work with often. One is even a great volunteer every summer at Camp LELA! We love partnering with the Tim Tebow Foundation and Night to Shine to love on others!

You MUST watch the video. We guarantee your heart will be warmed and your eyes will shed a few tears!

At-Risk Children
aThe center is open on a daily basis to meet with kids as we mentor them. The kids are excelling at school as we help with their homework and learning many new things. This year there has been a lot of cooking lessons - the best part is the eating!

And yes we are roasting marshmallows in the winter! Why not!?
Prayer Needs
1. Camp LELA 2020 planning
2. Finances
3. Our team and volunteers that work daily to help so many children.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

God Bless,
Slavik and Alyona Puzanov - Director
Heritage Ukraine Team