Special Needs


In the summer of 2015, a young mother and her child with Autism asked if there could be a place for the child at Camp LELA. Without hesitation, we said, "Yes!" WE had no training and little experience in working with children with special needs, but we held the first camp. In the fall of 2015, we opened our center for children on Saturdays. We now work with 16 children on Saturdays in order to give parents a rest and to help children that are learning to interact with others. 


Fall 2017 - Phase 2

It's time for Phase 2 of JOY! Children with disabilities are not allowed to attend school, so their parents must stay with them at home and are unable to work. We are working to open a center for children to come to on a daily basis for care, lessons, and time with specialists that will help more clearly define their needs. 


Remodel cost for Phase 2 - $30,000 and ongoing $1500 a month for staff, supplies, and cost of daily operations. 

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