December 2018

Dear Friends,
Greetings to all of you. We hope that you had a splendid and blessed holiday season. In Ukraine, we had Christmas on the 7th of January, so we are just finishing the holiday season.

The picture on the right is of our team. They do an amazing job everyday serving children. They always say yes and always are ready to serve. Please pray for them as we begin another year of ministry together.

CERI Shoe Distribution
In December, we partnered with CERI organization and helped them distribute over 1500 pairs of warm winter shoes/boots, socks, and New Testaments to children all over the Odessa oblast in orphanages and also children in troubled homes.

We were grateful to work with this organization and to help so many children that work with on a monthly basis

Princess Party Time
Girls in the Krasnosyolka orphanage had a princess party. These girls heard how God created them and that they are His special princesses.

These beautiful girls may be forgotten by many, but Jesus knows them each and they are His girls!

Pray for our ministry to them.

A day to recognize those with special needs..
In December, our country has a day that recognizes those with special needs and brings awareness to their situation. We visited three boarding schools in Odessa for children with special needs to show them our care and let them know that they are created by the Lord.

Please pray for those with special needs in Ukraine. They are often mistreated and overlooked.

JOY! Center for Children With Autism
Mothers with children with Autism are grateful to have a time to meet with one another and to share their situation and to encourage each other. In December, we gathered for a time together and made Christmas wreaths with them.

Children continued to make process in one on one therapy.

JOY! and JAM Christmas Celebration
Children prepared and parents came!

Children from the JAM Center prepared a wonderful shadow play. It was a gift to all that attended. They developed the script, assigned roles, prepared everything and the scenery, conducted rehearsals, selected music, worked with the lighting, and produced a complimentary poster. The bright performance was enjoyed by the children of the Joy! and JAM centers and their parents.

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Team fun and training

In December, we had a team training focused on working as a team. Volunteers enjoyed this training as they were challenged to look at how they work together to serve.

We also had a festive evening for our team enjoying games, worship, and a time of prayer for the children during the holiday season.

Prayer Needs
1. Night to Shine Ball on February 8th
2. Finances for Heritage Ukraine
3. Our team and volunteers that work daily to help so many children.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

God Bless,
Slavik and Alyona Puzanov
Heritage Ukraine Team

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