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The main project of Heritage Ukraine is working with children living in orphanages. Teams visit the children in the orphanage each month doing a variety of different activities including sharing Bible stories, playing games, doing crafts, teaching life skills lessons, and establishing mentor relationships.

We are working in Zhovten, Andreevo Ivanovko, Pishana, Karolina Bugaz, Nickolaevka, Balta, Ananiev, Krasnosyolka, Kilia, Chornaya, Troitskaya, Utkonosovka, Limonskaya, Michailovka, Bolgrad, Odessa 1 for the hearing impaired, and Odessa 2 for the hearing impaired.

Heritage Ukraine partners with each team in a variety of different ways and we partner with many volunteers and churches to reach these children.

Orphanage Ministry
Heritage Ukraine partners with teams comprised of many volunteers and churches to reach children in orphanages! Over the years we have reached about 3000 children in 18 different orphanages.
Since March 2020 we had to stop our visits due to covid-19 restrictions. We continue helping the children in different ways by providing shoes, clothes or other daily needs.
  • Building Relationships
    • Monthly Team Visits
    • Mentor Relationships
  • Spiritual Needs
    • Bible Teaching
    • Prayer
  • Positive Experiences
    • Winter Camp
    • Hiking
    • Monthly Activities (sports, crafts, cooperative games)
  • Physical Needs
    • Haircuts
    • Dental Exams
    • Hearing Exams
    • Eye Exams
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