Center for Children with Autism
We are happy that we were able to resume classes at the center for children with autism!

Once In the summer of 2015, a young mother and her child with Autism asked if there could be a place for the child at Camp LELA. Without hesitation, we said, "Yes!" We had no training and little experience in working with children with special needs, but we held the first camp for children on the autism spectrum. In the fall of 2015, we opened our center for children with autism. Children with special needs are not always integrated into local schools and parents are rarely equipped to help their children. With the beginning of the war, we lost the volunteers of the foundation, and the children of the center were partially moved abroad. And only a year later we were able to resume classes. This ground-breaking ministry is helping to preserve families as we offer therapy for more than 15 children.

With the beginning of the war, children and their families were forced to leave the country, and the Joy center stopped working. But due to the calling that has not died down in the hearts of the foundation's collaborators, we have continued our work in cooperation with highly qualified specialists and passionate volunteers.
  • Individual and Group Therapy
    • Physical Development
    • Social Development
    • Cognitive Development
    • Spiritual Development
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