Dreams coming true!

Dear Friends,
Greetings to all of you. God continues to richly bless us in ministry. We are grateful for you and for your partnership in ministry through prayers and finances.

January and February were exciting months and a little different than normal. In January, we held several winter camps during the Ukrainian holiday and school break.

In February, we hosted Night to Shine in partnership with the Tim Tebow Foundation and Trinity Church, that meets on our territory.

Winter Camp
"I've always dreamed of being in this building!" exclaimed Iliya as he snuggled under the covers in his top bunk trying out his new spot for the next week. In the past, winter camps have always been in the orphanage, this year we hosted the children from the Pishana orphanage at our facility. Iliya had been to Camp LELA in the summer several times, but It is strictly forbidden for the children to come in the building. So, now his dream had finally come true, he was inside!

Children from orphanages in Ananiev, Pishana, Kilia, and Andreevo-Ivanovko had a blast at winter camp. Each camp had it's own theme and group of volunteers, but one thing was true of all camps, kids made great memories. All children participated in Bible lessons, games, sports, crafts, activities, and met volunteers that cared for them.

Night To Shine
If you haven't participated in Night to Shine, you are missing out on the best night of your life! Trinity Church and Heritage Ukraine were approved to host Night to Shine in Odessa on February 8th. The evening is a prom/ball for individuals with special needs. We planned for months and had a magical evening with our guests.

We provided dresses and suits for the honored guests and had a great time getting ready. Volunteers fixed their hair, applied their make up, shined their shoes, and pinned on their corsages.

One guest exclaimed, "I've always dreamed of riding in a limo and my dream has come true!" Limo rides, dancing, sharing their talents, and enjoying conversation with their individual buddy were some of the memorable experiences.

Near the end of the evening, each guest was crowned as a king or a queen. We were grateful to care for so many individuals that evening. Many participate in our JOY! Center for Children with Autism, have been at Trinity Church/Camp LELA camps, and/or live right next to our territory. We hope to continue to show Christ's love to these dear people.

The Sunday after the event, one guest showed up with a friend at church, so their friend could meet us. Praying they continue to participate in church and that they come to know the Lord.

JOY! and JAM
The JOY! and JAM centers also held a winter camp on site. These young Heritage Ukraine staff members have so much energy to work with the kids. They also have hearts that are overflowing with Christ's love for children in bad situations and children with special needs.
Sasha and Slavik
It is with great sadness that we share that Grandmother Irina is no longer able to care for the grandchildren. We appreciate your prayers for this family. We have worked with her for a long time and she tried hard. She started drinking again and the government is taking her rights away. Currently, Slavik and Sasha are with us and we hope to get them into a Christian Shelter in Odessa soon. Please pray for this. We are not fully equipped to care for two small children on a full time basis.

What's Next?
Construction has begun!
March 1st is the first day of spring in Ukraine. We still have chilly weather, but we are ready for the next thing. We are making plans for Camp LELA. This includes building some more cabins, a meeting hall, improving the pool area, and adding hot water to the showers. We will share more with you in the coming weeks about the building that needs to happen this spring.

Prayer Needs
1. Camp LELA 2019 planning
2. Finances for Camp LELA building
3. Our team and volunteers that work daily to help so many children.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

God Bless,
Slavik and Alyona Puzanov
Heritage Ukraine Team

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