Keep them out of the orphanages!

Dear Friends,

We hope this letter finds you doing well and staying healthy!

We have been busy with ministry, but also enjoying time with our family at home. School at home is hard, but we are persevering!

This month we have helped many families, but so many more need help.
Many children living in the orphanages are called social orphans. It's hard to explain, but they aren't truly orphans. The government has deemed their parents unable to care for them, but the paperwork is often not completed to terminate parental rights. Every situation is different, so it's not easy for us to say why this happens, but in general the children have parents and are living in orphanages. Possibly similar to how many children in the US are living in foster homes waiting for their families to get things in order.

Because of the threat of the virus, many of these children were returned to the very place they were taken from. Back to homes with poverty, alcoholism, abuse, and etc. Please pray for these children.

Many families just need help and support. That is our focus now, to help families keep their kids out of the orphanage. They need help with their homes, food, support, coaching/training, and rehab.

Please pray for these families as we reach out and help many of them.
Families Receive Food
We have visited almost 700 families over the past 8 weeks bringing food and supplies. These families are all over the Odessa region in small villages.

The conditions that many are living in makes us want to give even more away. We are blessed with so much when we come home to a comfortable place to sleep and a refrigerator with food.

$50 feeds a family for 2 weeks. As we mentioned, our focus now is to feed families that need assistance in order to keep their kids from returning to the orphanages.
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