A Family Preservered!

We met Tanya last fall and she was in a mess. She had 4 children with her (one already in a special needs orphanage) and she was days away from losing all the other children. Why was this happening? She was a graduate of the orphanage and just was not prepared for life and had no support system. Her husband had recently left her.

We immediately answered the call to help.
Thank you to many that helped financially as we purchased her a small home in the nearby village. She moved in at the beginning part of the year. We remodeled the kitchen and got her settled. This week indoor plumbing and a bathroom was put in.

The children are in school and preschool and she is working hard at figuring out how to manage her life. We are close by to support and encourage.

Her words "Thank you for believing in me and helping me. You have changed my life and saved my family."

All glory to God!
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