Camp LELA 2019

Dear Friends,

Camp LELA 2019 season is here! We have started the building process by unloading a truck full of wood. Now let the fun begin!

Our staff has been working diligently for months to prepare programs for the children.

Building Projects
This spring we need to build an enclosed space for the children for meetings. In the past, we have used the church that is on site, but the church body has grown and they are using this facility almost daily.
In order to house all children and staff, we will be building two more large cabins.
We need to build a new pool. The above ground pools that we have been using are no longer usable.
COLD water showers no more! We plan to install the hot water system, so that all children and volunteers can enjoy a warm shower.

This summer will be a summer to bless children that are unable to attend camp on their own.

As we mentioned, our Camp LELA staff has worked diligently since last fall to plan the camps. Every month we also have an Idea Time. This is a special weekend where previous volunteers come and share their ideas about how to make Camp LELA the best camp for the children. We also spend time praying that God would use us and the facility for His glory.
The month of June is specifically dedicated to children with special needs.

Camp 1 - Children with Autism
Camp 2 - Children with low level special needs
Camp 3 - Children with hearing disabilities

The rest of the summer will be for children from troubled homes and orphanages.

Camp 4 and 5 - Boys Camp and First Ever Girls Camp
Camp 6 and 7 - Children from troubled homes and orphanages

We are still seeking volunteers for Camp LELA 2019. We invite you, your church, your family, and your friends to take part in camp. Please contact us and we will discuss the opportunities with you.

Our total funding needs for Camp LELA 2019 are about $100,000 to pay for the building needs and to host over 500 children.

We know that this is a big goal, but we believe that God is directing us to trust Him for big things.

We are asking that you prayerfully consider partnering with us financially in order to improve the facility and to host children that are unable to pay for themselves.

Thank you for your prayers and support for Camp LELA 2019

God Bless,
Slavik and Alyona Puzanov
Camp LELA 2019 Team
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