Camp LELA is ON!
For months we didn't know, but we prayed and trusted God. Now we know and we need your prayers and financial partnership to make this happen!

Things will be the same and different. Read on to find out what is different!

Financial need - $40,000.
Project Serve
Many children were sent home from orphanages during the pandemic. Why? Well, that question is difficult to answer. Children in orphanages often have parents that are unable to care for them properly, but their rights have not fully been terminated. During the pandemic, the government pushed them out of the orphanages and back to families. We don't want to speculate or try to understand the reasons for all of this as every situation is different.

What do we want to do? Preserve families! When the orphanages reopen, we want families to stay together. Camp LELA is going to assist families this summer. Each family has a different need. Some need food, some need better living conditions, some need electricity and water back on, some need family counseling, and so on. We are going to step into their situation and help.
6 Teams - 12 Families
Six teams will go out to families during June and the beginning of July. A team will meet the first two days at Camp LELA to serve on the grounds, learn about how God calls us to serve, and to prepare. The next three days they will be with a family teaching Bible lessons, gardening, cleaning, painting, building, counseling, and assessing additional needs. Then they return to camp for a day of rest and go out again to another family for three days.

Our goal is to help these families become more stable and to have a home suitable for the children.
Summer would not be summer without Camp LELA. We are so excited!

  • July 17th - July 26th - Boys/Girls Camps (chidlren from at risk homes)
  • July 31st - August 8th - Camp for orphans
  • August 14th - August 23rd - Camp for the Deaf (children from the orphanages for the deaf)
Virtual Volunteers
We need virtual volunteers! We are so disappointed that volunteers from outside Ukraine will not be able to join us for Camp LELA in person.

However, we want virtual volunteers.

What is a virtual volunteer?
1. Committed in daily prayer
2. Committed to sharing about Camp LELA through out the camp
3. Required attendance at 2 virtual meetings
4. Give a financial gift of at least $100

You will be updated through a group on Facebook receiving videos from the Camp LELA director, staff, volunteers, and children. You will also participate 2 times by Zoom (meeting with the director and team prayer meeting)

You will receive your very own Camp LELA t-shrit!
We have raised some funds, but the remaining funding need for Camp LELA 2020 is $40,000 to host up to 400 children and to help 18 families.

We know that this is a big goal, but we believe that God is directing us to trust Him for big things.

We are asking that you prayerfully consider partnering with us financially in order to host children that are unable to pay for themselves.

1 Sponsor a child or family here (not tax deductible) $125 per child/$500 per family
2 Sponsor a child here (tax deductible) $125 per child/$500 per family
3 Send a check to

A Family For Every Orphan
PO BOX 34628 # 37939
Seattle, WA 98124-1628
(tax deductible)

With these donations sent to our partner organization, please note that they are for Heritage Ukraine/Camp LELA.

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to accept donations from Canada in Canada. Canadians, we still need your support. Please consider a donation through PayPal - or contact us for other forms of donations.
Thank you for your prayers and support for Camp LELA 2020!

God Bless,
Slavik and Alyona Puzanov
Camp LELA 2020 Team

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