Dear Friends and Supporters,

We hope that all of you are doing well. This year has been very different for us in ministry, but we believe that God continues to lead us as we help families in crisis and social orphans return to their families. We will send a more thorough update over the weekend, but wanted to share some tragic and disappointing news.

Lightning Strikes!
Several weeks ago, lightning struck and started a fire in one of our buildings that serves as a sleeping space for couples and families that serve on our leadership team during Camp LELA. We quickly rushed and had the fire out before the fire department arrived. Unfortunately, the neighbors had called in the incident and this resulted in fines for us.
The visit from the fire department also spurred on a theft of a lot of wood that we had recently purchased for a project. We don't often open our territory to outsiders, so we believe that fire fighters may have seen the expensive wood and returned in the night and took the wood. We have never had this type of theft. It was a loss on top of the losses we endured because of the fire.

The day after the fire we discovered the extent of the damage. It wasn't only the cabin was damaged, but the electrical component that was housed in that building served many other parts of our main building. It took out Wi-Fi routers, ventilation systems, outdoor light system over the whole territory, a lot of wiring, and the electric system that controls our gates
Would you pray for us in this situation?

  • Pray that our hearts would extend grace to the neighbors that called in a small fire rather than coming to our aid or contacting us. Our relationship with them is strained.
  • Pray that we would extend grace and not harbor bitterness to those that stole from us.
  • Pray that God would give us wisdom as we make major repairs to the electrical systems.
  • Pray that God would protect our ministry and property from increased fines and scrutiny from government officials.
  • Pray that God would fully provide for the cost of this situation.

We know in all things that God provides a way and we trust Him, but there are times that we feel discouraged and defeated.

We appreciate your prayers and support during this time.

If you feel led to give toward repairs, you can click on the button below and choosing the best option to process your donation.
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