October 2018

Dear Friends,

We've had a great month. Ministry flows easily as we have a very good team. We had some time of rest with one another and are grateful to the Lord for that.

Golf event
Jim Coles, a professional golfer, has contacted us and offered to help us bring to you a fun golf event. He will set up the details of the event, spend the day coaching you on your skills, and we will come to share about our ministry.

Want to improve your game and help support Heritage Ukraine? Let us know. Currently, a location for this event has not been selected.
  • Jim Coles
    SCPGA Northern Chapter Player of the Year 1988 and 1996

    Birnam Wood Country Club course record holder. Shot 60 to win a Professional tournament in 1996

    2007 Club Fitter of the Year for SCPGA Northern Chapter

    Successfully facilitated major day-of-golf fundraising events for organizations in North America

    Married to Kimberly since 1992 and lives on the Central Coast of California with their children

We really need team members for Winter Camp. Let us know if you are ready to come!

This is a great opportunity to spend time with the children in their home during the holiday season.

JAM Day Center for At Risk Children
This is Sasha. We met him at the JAM Day Center when he visited with a friend. He shared that he was going to be sent to an orphanage soon because his home was bad. The next day we visited his home. He was correct, it was bad. Together with social services we have worked with his mother, Natasha, to help him stay with her. Our team has cleaned a place that was in very bad condition, officially enrolled him in school and a sports program, took him for a hair cut, taken him on a week long hiking trip, and helped get new clothes. Generous supporters also helped buy bunk beds as it was required that he had his own bed as sleeping with his mother was no longer acceptable.

Please pray that Natasha would begin to properly care for Sasha. Pray we have wisdom in how to help.
JAM students had a great month enjoying Bible lessons, crafts, singing, and sports.

We invited the parents and had a great family fun event. Most parents are friendly and grateful for all we invest in their children.

We'll let the pictures share the story. ;)

Dasha update -

She is flourishing at the Sunshine For Children's Center in Kiev. She is loved and cared for. Generous supporters helped purchase her clothes, shoes, boots, and winter wear. Thank you.

Pray that when the time comes, she will be placed with a Christian family.

JOY! Center for Children With Autism
We celebrated one year at the JOY! Center for Children with Autism this month. It was a fun event.

A full year behind us. What has been accomplished? Many things! Children that were closed off are now in an environment where they are learning, dancing, singing, playing, and more. God daily uses the center to help children with Autism learn to communicate, walk, and control behaviors.

Orphanage Visits
Teams are out on the road every week visiting the children in orphanages. They reach out building relationships, sharing God's truth, and His love. They play games, eat snacks, and have lessons. Each child deserves to have people in his life that invest time with them. We are grateful for all the volunteers that serve.

Prayer Needs -
1.Sasha and his mom Natasha

2. Finances for Heritage Ukraine

3. Teams for Winter Camps

Thank you for your prayers and support.
God Bless,
Slavik and Alyona Puzanov
Heritage Ukraine Team

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