Orphanage Ministry

  • Winter Camp

Winter camps were held at four orphanages at the end of December and in January. Our volunteers lived in the orphanages for several days with the children celebrating the holidays with them.
Children living in the Pishana orphanage had the unique opportunity to visit Odessa for their winter camp!
  • Monthly Visits
Teams continue to visit the children on a monthly basis building relationships, teaching God's word, and mentoring children as they grow.
  • Medical Needs
Children in orphanages do not have access to dental care, eye exams, or hearing exams. We continue to do these projects every few months. Since the fall, we have done hearing exams, dental exams, and eye exams in several orphanages. Kids are seeing better with glasses, hearing better with hearing aids, and have cavities that no longer hurt!

Haircuts, too!
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