Let's Preserve THIS Family - UPDATE

THANK YOU for financially supporting this family and for praying.

We are working closely with mom and dad to get the children home.
-Mom's grandmother has passed away as she was very ill, so we helped with some expenses for the burial.
-We have completed all necessary documents for the parents and older children.
-The electricity, water, and gas are fully working and past debts were caught up.
-We refinished the walls and ceilings in all the rooms.
-The kitchen has been repaired, but we hope to install a new one soon.
-We prepared the parents for court giving them haircuts, manicures, and nice clothes.
-We have passed letters and small gifts to the children from the parents.
-We have mentored, prayed with, and loved on these parents to prepare them for the return of the children.
The court date was last week and the judge delayed his decision until July 27th. In the meantime, he wants the parents to remain stable and find work. Unfortunately, they lost their jobs when the virus hit. Please pray that business will start again and that they can find work.

There is a possibility that social services will allow mom to live with the children in a christian rehab center for a few months. This is most ideal. Please pray for this.

We continue to fight for this family to be together helping them every step of the way. Please fight for them in prayer as they work to keep their family together.
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