September 2018

Dear Friends,

September was a great month! All children went back to school and we went back to school year ministries. We started the month with one last Camp LELA meeting and a Heritage Ukraine team planning retreat. We've sent the teams back to the orphanages and opened the JAM and JOY! Centers. Everyone is reunited after the summer break.

Camp LELA - Brainstorm and Celebration
In early September, we brought together many volunteers from the summer and had a small retreat. The time was spent giving the pros/cons of Camp LELA 2018, brainstorming new ideas for Camp LELA 2019, dreaming about plans for Camp LELA beyond 2019, and praying for God's blessing on our work. On the last evening, over 100 volunteers came to celebrate the end of the camp season and to hear some of the plans for 2019.

About Meridians
Joy! children returned to the center this fall to enjoy one on one therapy. Currently, twenty-seven children are coming twice a week for individual therapy. Many more want this therapy, but at this time we do not have the space or resources for this. We will continue with group therapy sessions for all the children.
It was a happy reunion for the therapists, volunteers, and children as it has been a long summer away from one another.

JAM! Center for Children
Everyone was happily reunited after the long summer vacation. Daily lessons started for the children and they took a fun excursion to the zoo. This month we focused on learning 5 important phrases and how to incorporate them into our lives.
1. I admit I've made a mistake.
2. You've done it so well!
3. And what do you think?
4. I am very grateful.
5. Tell me, please...
Children are using these phrases daily now as we help them develop their characte

Orphanage Visits

Back to the orphanages we go! Children greeted volunteers with open arms at the many orphanages that we visited this month.

We also held a training and group meeting with all leaders to help encourage them as they minister to the children this school year.

Pray for Dasha
We love Dasha and have done everything to help her and her family over the last several years. Unfortunately, her family was unable to make long term changes. Recently, the government took Dasha from her home. At the time, it was very cold, windows in the home had been broken, there was no food available, and there were issues with alcohol. We have worked with the government recently to take this step and we were able to secure her a spot in a private center/shelter in Kiev. It is a miracle that there was an opening and that they had room for a girl of her age. Please continue to pray with us.

International Day of Prayer for Orphans
November 11th is the International Day of Prayer for Orphans. We have a small flyer that we would like to send you that would help guide you and your church in praying for orphans and the ministry of Heritage Ukraine. You can involve your church by simply asking your church leadership to take a moment during the service to pray for orphans.

Please contact us with your address and we will send the flyers to you.

Prayer Needs -
1. Ministry in orphanages to flourish with new volunteers.

2. JAM Day Center is planing an event with the parents. Pray parents would be involved.

3. JOY! Center for Children With Autism has so many children and not enough resources. Pray that God gives us wisdom in how to treat so many children.

Thank you for your prayers and support.
God Bless,
Slavik and Alyona Puzanov
Heritage Ukraine Team

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