Dear Friends,

Camp LELA is finished! We made it! Thank you to everyone for your partnership in prayer and finances.

In July and August, we hosted 7 camps and a conference! That's a lot of people to care for, but God gave us the strength to do so.

It's hard to recap all of that for you here, so we will share a little and you can also find more here.

She looked ALIVE!
From Rachel, a Camp LELA volunteer...
Katya, my wonderful Katya, is an 8 year old girl with autism who is incredibly smart, but cannot talk. Her mom was desperate for her to attend camp as she hasn't been able to communicate in any way with her child for the last 8 years. This is frustrating for Katya and she is often violent and just drags people to what she wants.The girl that could not communicate at the start of the week, left camp with the ability to use picture communication tools, sign language, and even started to copy some verbal communication. God is good and powerful, even situations which seem hopeless can work out for good when God is in the center. When I handed Katya back to her mom on Friday afternoon with tears in my eyes, her mom said it was the first time she has ever been able to communicate with her child and the first time she has ever looked ALIVE, what an incredible way to show the love of God to a family.

I waited for the call...
A mother of child with Autism shared this.
"All week long I waited for the call. It always happens. I take him somewhere, even churches, and they always call and say, "Come get your child. We don't want him here." I can't believe that you never called to have me take him away. Thank you for caring for him and giving him a great camp experience. You all are truly a gift from God."

Come on everyone, let's pray!
Camp LELA on the road! This summer the children from the Pishana orphanage were not able to come to the camp, so we went to them. This committed team spent over four hours a day on the road to host a day camp for these children at the government camp they were staying at. The children enjoyed sports, crafts, games, and lessons. The children were happy to have some time with the volunteers that love them even thought they missed the on-site Camp LELA experience.

The facility was a little concerned about our Bible lessons and praying and asked that we try to limit this and requested that we didn't pray. At the end of the first day, the team leaders on the stage were saying goodbye and telling the kids about the next day. One girl yelled out "Come on everyone, let's pray!" So we prayed. We are thankful God opened the door through a child.

Lighthouse Family Camp
Seven families (68 people) came to Camp LELA for a family camp. Every family had adopted children. We wanted to bless these families with a week of rest, fun, training, and family time. Training was provided by specialists that shared about working with children in trauma and integrating them into families. Family sports and craft times were enjoyed by all. Moms enjoyed manicures and massages while the Dads were out bowling with kids. A romantic evening for parents allowed for conversation without children as they watched a movie.

It was the best camp I've ever been to...
We hosted over a hundred children from the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine. These children are living just a few miles from an area where there is constant shelling. Children commented that sleeping in a safe place without the threat of being hurt in the night was something they hadn't experienced in years.

"I've been to several camps, but this is the first camp I have been to that I feel welcomed. And it's so peaceful. It's the best camp I've ever been to."

Children hear the Gospel for the first tim
Some camps were changed at the last minute because the government did not give final approval for some orphanages to attend. It was disappointing, but we went out and found some more kids. Local children from villages were not busy and were quite bored with the summer. They came to us and had a great week of camp. These children are living in difficult situations and cope with abuse and alcoholic parents. Many of these children heard the Gospel for the first time.

Ananiev Orphanage
In the past, only a few children from this orphanage have attended Camp LELA. This year at the end of the summer we hosted all of the children from Ananiev. This camp was the only tent camp of the summer. Our team of volunteers enjoy tent camps and it's tradition, so we built this camp just next to our property. 92 children ages 4 to 17 came from the orphanage for this camp. All enjoyed the fun activities and Bible lessons related to their personal lives.

Prayer Needs
Praise God for an intense and amazing summer. God continually blesses the work of Heritage Ukraine and Camp LELA. Nearly a thousand children participated in camp this summer and the majority of those children and never been to Camp LELA before. Hundreds of children heard the Gospel story for the first time in their life and over sixty children accepted Christ for the first time.

Please pray as we begin fall ministry and get back into regular routines.

Thank you for your prayers and support.
God Bless,
Slavik and Alyona Puzanov,
Heritage Ukraine Team

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